Useful Contact Information


Emergencies ------------------------------------------------------------ 911, or Police, or other first responders as necessary
Suspicious Activity (non-emergency)---------------------County Police (non-emergency number) or Officer McLaughlin
Architectural Change Request Info ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Chambers Management
HOA Fee Payment Information ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chambers Management

Road Issues ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prince George's County
Snow Removal Issues (County website states callers should wait till 24 hrs after storm)---- Prince George’s County
Street Light or Electric Power Repair Needs-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------PEPCO

House Issues -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The House Builder (Dan Ryan or Ryan)
Ideas for Improving the Community ---------------------------------------------------------------------- HOA Board of Directors

Homeowners should ensure they contact the correct agency depending on the specific issue. The HOA board of directors and property managers have limited roles and will not be able to assist with many of the common issues encountered. For example, the roads of our community are owned and maintained by Prince George's County, and thus the property manager and board will refer you to the county for any grievances. 

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